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Printed circuit boards (PCBs) & SMT Stencils

Electropolished laser cut framed stencil

Electropolished Laser Cut Framed Stencil

We are Australia’s one of the best quality laser cut electropolish stainless steel SMT stencil supplier. With our unique pad reduction method, we achieve the quality that few in the industry can match.

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A laser cut stencil is the best choice for medium to large volume assembly, especially when using fine pitch components such as QFP, BGA and CSP.

Aluminium stencil framing

Frameless stencils are now standard but we can provide aluminium framing if required. Framed stencils are normally a bit more expensive than frameless options.

With a framed stencil, your stencil is securely mounted to either a cast or extruded aluminium stencil frame using a mesh border. This keeps the stencil foil taut, allowing for complete control. Our glue-in stencils are permanently bonded using an exclusive border treatment which, when combined with our epoxy process, creates a bond so strong it will not fail.

We can also add haft-etch black mark fiducials and texts to further assist the assembly process.


  • Stencil thickness 2.0, 3.8, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 mils
  • Pitch limit 2mils
  • Min. aperture size 2mils (on 2mils sheet thickness)
  • Min. distance between apertures Same as stencil thickness
  • Min. distance between two adjacent Aperture’s wall gap Same as stencil thickness
  • Repeatability (Uniformity) +/- 0.1um
  • Aspect Ratio ≥ 0.66 ( material thickness )
  • Cutting accuracy +/- 5um (over entire print area )
  • Positioning Error +/- 4um
  • Axial precision +/-10 µm
  • Edge roughness < 3 µm
  • All opening walls are trapezoidal 0.8 mil Taper? Yes
  • 100% inspection, post-manufacture? Yes

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We have the capability to manufacture and assemble Single Sided/Layer (SS), Double Sided/Layer (DS-NPTH & DS-PTH) and MultiLayer (up to 32 layers) PCBs with RoHS as an option.

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Our capabilities

Our capabilities

We can manufacture and assemble Single Sided/Layer (SS), Double Sided/Layer (DS-NPTH & DS-PTH) and MultiLayer (up to 32 layers) PCBs with RoHS as an option.

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SMT stencils

SMT stencils

More efficient manufacturing of solder paste SMT stencils.

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PCB design

PCB design

We'll review your PCB designs and identify refinements for easier manufacturing.

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